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      Automatic Coating Line Starts Operation

      Date:2014-04-10 08:57Source:未知 Writer:民樂液壓 Click:times

      In the mid of May 2012,  the brand new automatic coating line starts opearating, this coating line is one the technical improvements in Minle Hydraulic Machinery Co.,Ltd.

      In order to maximumly satisfy the customers' requirements on quality, we replaced the old coating line  with this automatic one, what now needs to do by hand is hunging up and taking down the cylinders, the rest oprations please just leave to the line.  There are several moduls combined together including wet processing, air heating, electrostatic spraying, electronic control system, suspension transporting system, these moduls make the paint adhesive strength better, the coating quality more stable, beautiful and bright, meanwhile reduce the pullution and cost.  we have already sent the first lot of products to Henan Junton Vehicle Co.,Ltd.,  and they are very satisfied about the coating performance.






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